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With Orion Structural Software our students are good at multi-storey building design as floors are repetitive and modeling of one floor can be repeated to many storeys. This enhances the speed of modelling, loadings, analysis and designs for such repetitive structures, and most importantly, for output of Drawings, Building Quantities and Costs.
We also teach you how to extensively use it in the design of reinforced Concrete Building Structures. You would be introduced to the 2D/3D modelling environment from which automatic analysis, design and drafting is provided for the engineer.
Key features
•    Orion is perfect for any size concrete building project and caters for a wide range of concrete structural systems. The design engineer will input everything into the software from modelling to loadings, analysis, codes used, and output drawing requirements.
•    Multiple tender schemes can be assessed in a fraction of the time taken by conventional software. Once the project is secure, detailed design and drafting time is dramatically reduced. Project changes are handled automatically by simply amending the central model or loading. Orion updates the rest, enabling your company to provide a responsive service to demanding clients.
•    Detailed calculations, material quantities, structural layout plans, beam and slab elevations and column schedules are all produced automatically from one central model.

Course duration
•    2months Week-days: Tuesdays (9:00am-11:00am), Thursdays (11:00am-02:00pm), Fridays (02:00pm-04:00pm)
•    3months Week-Ends: Saturdays (8:00am-11:00am)

Course Price Monthly
•    Week-days: # 31,500 
•    Week-Ends: #21,000