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PAWIG is a conglomerate, large business organization that consists of groups of companies that deal with a variety of different business, manufacturing and commercial activities bringing together processes and functions that are normally separate. We are a forward thinking, energetic and dynamic company that has built its core values on trust and integrity.
We add value by creating ideal outcomes for all aspect of our business including and not limited to both property and infrastructure owners and tenants, where they love the transformation of their property and maximize the financial returns achieved.
Our group delivers consultancy, fitout/procurement, remodel, refurbishment/renovations/repairs, and maintenance and construction projects. Our philosophy is that all successful projects are founded on the people responsible for the project and our team is dedicated to understanding our client's business objectives so that we can create buildings which carter their needs.

PAWIG is aligned with all project stakeholders through open communication to ensure we add value and exceed our client's
expectations. We are a growing company with a proven track record in delivering successful projects where all stakeholders work together. Our collaborative approach and commitment to understanding our client's key objectives has ensured our new clients remains our client.

We solve your infrastructural problems with a trademark delivering satisfaction.

Pioneer state of the art technological most efficient, affordable and reliable infrastructural solutions and provide best practical and professional services regardless of project size or profitability.


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PAWIG has undertaken a wide spectrum of engineering projects from highway infrastructure to building structures, drainage and flood protection, procurement and supply.

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